I hope you are keeping safe. I know the uncertainty of GuidedPath has been quite unnerving. I am glad to announce the uncertainty is now over. GuidedPath has been acquired by MaiaLearning.

As we spoke to almost 100 IECs through our demonstrations of MaiaLearning, it was apparent no platform could fully satisfy your needs as IEC’s. Also, the short time to transition, learn and use a new platform was going to be a challenge. Our goal is to provide you with a superior customer experience in MaiaLearning. As a technology company, adding the capabilities found in GuidedPath to MaiaLearning was not the question. The real question was whether we could do it in a short period of time and provide the support you needed.

After long conversations with many IEC’s such as Lynn Lubell and Nagla Orlando, and after viewing the results of the survey I asked Cyndy McDonald to run, I realized the data was screaming that shutting down GuidedPath at this crucial application season was the WRONG thing to do. Our core value at MaiaLearning is putting Customers First. We have stepped in and completed the acquisition of GuidedPath. GuidedPath will continue to run without any interruption. The first order of business is to update the college data, deadlines and YES, the FISKE data sheet that we have licensed.

We will eventually merge all of the features in GuidedPath to MaiaLearning, and create a far superior experience. We will do so in a methodical way, and keep you all informed on the progress.

You will be glad to know Cyndy, Andrea and Jen are still a vital part of the GuidedPath team. Andrea and Jen are already part of the MaiaLearning Team. You will be thrilled to know that Cyndy has also started to work at MaiaLearning as well. I have asked Cyndy to continue to run for us the IEC side of the business. The three of them will also be the backbone to guide development in MaiaLearning of the features set.

My sincere apologies that we could not announce this prior to closing the acquisition. I personally want you to know the values of GuidedPath for customer service are shared by MaiaLearning. We have your best interests at heart. You are in safe hands.

Welcome to MaiaLearning!

Best regards,

Satish Mirle

Chief Executive Officer
MaiaLearning, Inc.

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