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Engaging Students with Surveys - The GuidedPath Way
Engaging Students with Surveys - The GuidedPath Way
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On Wed, December 9, we hosted the latest GuidedPath webinar for our community. This was the topic of a session presented at a recent IECA session. The session was presented by Cyndy McDonald and Dr. Steven Antonoff (author of College Match, College Finder and Student of Colleges). It was such a popular topic at the conference, with lots of questions about how to use the surveys in GuidedPath with students, that we decided to offer a webinar on the topic. We had almost 200 people register for this webinar. Included below is the webinar description and access to supplemental documents. Included is an annotated list of additional surveys and assessments for you to explore.

Engaging Students Using Surveys

Cyndy McDonald, founder of GuidedPath demonstrated how to use the Surveys section of GuidedPath to engage students. Surveys are a great tools for onboarding students to the college and career counseling process.

Surveys the GuidedPath Way

We define “Surveys” as any form you would have students or parents complete. These are forms you use to gather information about a student. You can use surveys in GuidedPath to learn more about a student or their parents. Parent questionnaires are a type of survey in GuidedPath. Surveys are the first step in the five-step, GuidedPath process. Many consultants have told us they built their practices on the surveys offered through GuidedPath. For an overview of GuidedPath’s approach to Surveys, and how to use them effectively, download the document on GuidedPath Surveys.

Surveys in GuidedPath

Surveys in GuidedPath are divided into four categories:





The first category of LEARN is a set of four assessments. These assessments can be assigned to students. The Learn Surveys include:

  • College Match- from the College Match book by Dr. Steven Antonoff

  • Find My Spark- Personality, College and Career survey by Claire Law and Cyndy McDonald

  • EFC Calculator- calculator for estimated family contributions (EFC)

  • Learning Styles- learning styles survey and study tips survey

Once the student completes the assessment, the results are calculated and a personalized assessment report is created for the student, based on their responses. These four assessments are based on research and current career, personality and college models. At this time, only the surveys in the LEARN category are scored and a personalized report created. Learn more about the LEARN Surveys here.

Other Survey Categories

The categories of EXPLORE and RECORD are electronic versions of documents you can offer to students to learn more about their interests, classes, activities, and more. The last category, CUSTOM, allows you to add custom surveys to your account. There is no limit to the number of custom surveys you can add. Learn more about custom surveys here.

How Much Do Surveys Cost?

There is no additional cost for having surveys in GuidedPath. Unlike other systems, your GuidedPath account includes all twelve surveys.

Surveys for Many Ages

The LEARN assessments are appropriate for students 6-12th grade. Included in the Surveys the GuidedPath Way document is a table listing recommendations for different grade levels for each of the twelve surveys in GuidedPath.

Survey Settings

Managing the surveys and how they are shared is handled differently by each user. GuidedPath includes settings to let you customize the experience to meet your needs. Learn more about settings and the surveys here.

Custom Menus

Custom menus allow you to include links to other surveys or assessments you have integrated into your practice for career and/or college advising. One of the benefits of the custom menu feature in GuidedPath is that it looks like you have integrated other tools into your GuidedPath account. All you have to do is include a secure URL link. The link must allow embedding within an Iframe. GuidedPath has special URLs for the custom menu for the following tools:

  • YouScience– Student aptitude and career guidance assessment

Learn more about the GuidedPath Custom menu in our knowledge base here.

Additional Resources

Cyndy shared a resource folder during the webinar: Surveys-Assessments. There are many other resources and tools available for you to use with students and family.



Other Webinars

Cyndy McDonald did a webinar previously with a school counselor, Kelly Mogilesky, on the topic of using surveys with students. Webinar includes a demonstration of how to use the Myer-Briggs Type continuum before reviewing the Find My Spark Survey. Kelly discusses how she uses surveys with students for career, personality and college exploration.

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