This is Where I’m Going to College

Jessica logged onto zoom for our college decision session. She had all her college admissions in hand. She told me at the very beginning of our session, “Cyndy, I know where I am going to college. College A offered me a $25,000 per year scholarship.” I was not sure this was the right choice for her yet. We had not gone through her other choices. “What were you offered by the other colleges?”, I asked. She did not know. So we logged into each of the college portals, and recorded the financial aid awards she had been offered at each one in GuidedPath, in My Decisions. It was a good thing to do. She started to see her college choices from another perspective once they were all on the decisions dashboard in GuidedPath for her to compare.

College Planning Finale is Decisions

The big finale to all the work and efforts of the students, parents and you as an advisor, is at the end of the process when college decisions come in. How can you manage the process? What resources can help you make this a less stressful and more clearly define a students options as they consider their best fit?

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