Once you are logged-in on Guildway, you will be directed to the Home Page screen.

On the left-hand side, you will see six different icons. As you hover your cursor on each of them, it will reveal the page’s name: Activity Feed, Dashboard, Forums, Members, Blog, and Help.

A. Activity Feed
In “Activity Feed”, you can view the following:

  • All Members – the recent activities of all the members on Guildway.
  • My Friends – the recent activities of your friends on Guildway.
  • My Groups – the recent activities of the groups where you are a member.
  • Mentions – these are the forums or comments where your name is mentioned.

B. Dashboard
The “Dashboard” serves as the control panel of your account. You can also view your “Dashboard” by hovering the cursor on your username located on the upper-right corner of the website. The following are the different tabs you will find under Dashboard, and they will be discussed further in the next lessons:

  • Activity – this is where you can find all the activities in your account which include personal, mentions, favorites, friends, and groups.
  • Profile – this is the section where you can edit your profile like changing your profile photo and cover image.
  • Notifications – this is where you can view all your unread and read notifications.
  • Messages – this is where you can send a message to any Guildway member, and view your Inbox, Starred and Sent messages.
  • Friends – all your friends on Guildway and pending friend requests can be found here.
  • Groups – this is where you can find the Groups where you are a member and group invites.
  • Forums – contains the Forums that you started, forum topics that you replied to, favorited forum topics, and forums you have subscribed to.
  • Courses – this contains all your registered Guildway courses.
  • Settings – this is the page where you can make changes in your account information like email, password, username, profile visibility, email notifications, and deleting your account.

C. Forums
In “Forums”, you will find the different course discussions on Guildway. 

To view a discussion, just click on the topic name and it will lead you to the thread.

  • Once you are in the discussion thread, you can join by leaving a comment. Just scroll down to the bottom part of the page and you will see the following:
  • Write your comment in the box and once you are done, click Submit.

To create a new discussion, just click on the course discussion. For example: SEI MTEL Review Course Discussion.

  • It will lead you to the page where you can view all the discussions of a course. To create a new topic/discussion, scroll down to the bottom part of the page and you will see the following:
  • Just enter your topic title, message, tags (if applicable), and click Submit.

Note: You can also view or create a discussion by going to the Forum tab located on the first or initial page of a course. 

D. Members
This is the Members Directory page. You can find all members of Guildway here. You can search their name and add them as a friend.

E. Blog
Aside from offering review courses, Guildway also publishes blog posts related to education technology. Topics could range from recommended ed tech apps to app reviews, from classroom strategies to Google Classroom updates.

F. Help
The Help page contains helpful information to guide you as you navigate the website. Steps on how to get started with Guildway, questions regarding course materials, and frequently asked questions (FAQ) can be found in this section. If your question is not answered and you need further assistance, you can contact Guildway Support by clicking the chat box on the lower right corner of your screen. You may report issues such as unable to access a registered course and other related technical problems. Type your message then hit Enter.

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