Before you ask, Gyana is a Sanskrit word for “knowledge”, and not the name of South American country 🤣 (yes, we get this question a lot!).

If you’re anything like us, you have lots of questions and you want to answer them with data.

You’ve tried dashboard tools, but they lack flexibility and you have to pay for expensive add-ons. We built Gyana as an affordable, all in one alternative. We want anyone to use data in their workflow, while supporting all the power features you’d expect.

Whether you work with multiple clients or simply want to make sense of your own data, you work too hard to waste valuable time and money on limited data tools. Reliable data analytics is the foundation for you to deliver your real value and delight your customers.

🤔 Why Gyana?

Gyana integrates with all your advertising, analytics, e-comm and custom data sources. You can start by building a dashboard, answer specific questions with our visual workflow editor and share results in a single click.

Things you can do with Gyana:

  • Integrate with our 35+ most common data sources

  • Add Google Sheets via a URL in one-click

  • Upload CSV exports to pull in any other data

  • Build powerful workflows with 100% SQL coverage

  • Design dashboards with our freeform canvas

  • Share your reports with live URLs

  • Collaborate in multiple organisations with teams

  • Use projects to separate work internally and with clients

💡 What are you waiting for?

Join our waitlist today - you won't wait longer than the end of 2021.

🔮 What does the future hold?

To be honest, we’re just getting started! Our vision is to provide data infrastructure for every organisation.

Everything is driven by our community - join us to contribute new feature ideas, learn from webinars and discuss use cases with fellow data analytics enthusiasts. Our product roadmap is public, you can contribute anytime.

Good luck, and let us know what you come up with!

❤️ The Gyana Team

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