An integration is a source of data, like a CSV file, Google Sheet, ads account, database, or web app.

Since you can't do data analytics without data (!), it's our top priority to make it as effortless as possible for you to integrate data from anywhere.

💡 If you're having difficulties importing data, take a look at our troubleshooting guide.

🚛 Choosing your import method

At a high level, you have three ways to get data into Gyana: connectors, sheets and uploads. We'll go through them one by one.


Connectors are specially made integrations for specific data sources, like Google Analytics or Facebook Ads. We support 35+ connectors out of the box, with 150+ planned for the end of 2021.

Connectors are the best choice, if available. After a one-time authorization process, new data is synced on a regular basis, and you'll have many tables of data to choose from.

💡 The data sync frequency is 6 hours. If you need it more frequent, reach out to us.

Connectors are powered by our unique partnership with Fivetran. They've built an enterprise grade data integration platform that is trusted by 2000+ demanding customers. You'll interact with them in the connector authorization page.

Google Sheets

If there's no dedicated connector, Google Sheets offers a great alternative for getting your data ready:

  • Many tools offer one-off or scheduled exports to Google Sheets

  • Many automation tools (Zapier, Pabbly Connect, n8n) write to Google Sheets

  • Typing in your browser bar is the quickest way we know to quickly jot down or copy + paste data

Gyana has a native Google Sheets connector that will take a few seconds to import. Just share the sheet with us, copy and paste the URL, and you're done.

💡 By default, new data will not automatically sync from your sheet if you make changes. You need to manually re-sync. We have improvements to this planned.

Upload CSV

Your final alternative is the swiss-army knife of data, the CSV file. Nowadays, most tools (including Excel, databases, web apps, ads accounts) will export a CSV file that you can download and upload to Gyana.

Our native CSV importer is designed to handle most CSV nonsense, including quoted newlines, jagged rows and autodetecting headers. If your CSV file fails to import, you can always try uploading to Google Drive, opening as a Google Sheet, and connect to that instead.

💡 We will always autodetect the first line of the CSV as a header row.

🔮 What does the future hold?

We know first hand the pain of duct taping tools together to move your data around. Our focus is to add seamless integration to as many data sources as possible, including webhooks, APIs and web scrapers.

Down the line, we're also exploring hosting public datasets (e.g. demographic segmentations, Google trends), and even paid datasets from partner providers. If that's something you'd be interested in trying out, please get in touch!

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