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An article to introduce the concept of challenge developed by Habitify

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Habitify's Challenge System offers three ways to build habits:

  • Compete in fun games with others who have similar habits.

  • Stay accountable with friends by joining challenges together.

  • Host personal challenges and invite others to join.

This system makes habit-building engaging and rewarding!

How it works in Challenge

Gamification can turn a difficult task into an engaging experience. What if we have the same vibrant energy to improve ourselves as we have when playing video games? Hence, we want to introduce each user joining Habitify with a carrot-and-a-stick in building habits.

Streakboard for Ranking

The Streakboard is a global ranking leaderboard that honors users based on their consistency in completing their chosen habit. It ranks participants based on three factors:

  1. Streak: The longer the consecutive streak of completing the habit, the higher the rank.

  2. Total Progress Value: If the streak is the same, the user with a higher total log will rank higher.

  3. Joining Time: If the streak and total log are the same, the user who joined the challenge earlier will rank higher.

Habit Strength for survival

Habit Strength reflects the consistency in performing the habit. If users diligently act on their habit, their Strength remains full. However, neglecting the habit by not taking action or failing will result in losing 1 Strength point each day. Completing the habit the next day will restore the Strength bar.

If a user loses all three bars of their Habit Strength, they will be eliminated from the challenge. This mechanism encourages users to stay on track and remain consistent with their habits.

So, to wrap up, the 3 most important thing that makes Habitify Challenge different:
(1) Each Challenge focuses on 1 habit for the maximum focus
(2) Leaderboard ranking will reveal the most consistent participants
(3) You need to get back on track, or you will be eliminated

Types of Challenges

There are two types of challenges in Habitify:

  • Public Challenges: Hosted and organized by Habitify, these challenges are open to everyone. Participants can view and join public challenges.

  • Private Challenges: Hosted and organized by users, these challenges require an invitation to join. Users can invite their friends to participate in private challenges.

More rigid rules for commitment

In Challenge, your commitment to the habit is required much more than when you track it as a normal habit on the Journal view.

  • You are limited on how many times you can skip a habit throughout the challenge is happening.

  • If you fail the habit 3 days in a row, you fail the challenge.

  • There's no chance to get back and check in once a day has gone, so remember to check in your progress timely.

Tracking together

Once a user joins a challenge, they can see their friends' progress and interact with them through the chat feature. The goal is to inspire each other to stay committed and complete their habits one day at a time.

Overall, the Challenge System in Habitify aims to provide a fun and supportive environment for users to build habits, fostering consistency and motivation in their habit-building journey.

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