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Syncing data from health kit
Syncing data from health kit

Track your habits effortlessly by letting Habitify get the Health data from your Apple Health or Google Fit.

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Habitify can sync your workout activities and vitamin intake data from your Health Kit, allowing you to view your progress in both your habits and health care in one app. It supports syncing data from Apple Health on iOS and Google Fit on Android.

How to connect your habits & sync data?

  • Tap "+" on the date bar and choose "Create Good Habit."

  • In the list of habit templates, choose one habit template with the ♥️ icon.

  • Set Repeat, Time of Day, Reminders, and Start Date as usual.

We recommend the start date is no sooner than 1 year from the day you add the habit to ensure stable synchronization.

  • In Goal, choose "Sync with Apple Health" or "Sync with Google Fit" as your Logging Method. Allow Habitify to access your Health data on the next pop-up.

  • Click "Save".

Returning to the Journal view, you may see your habit connected to sync with Health data will be marked with the ♥️ icon. It may have already been syncing some data from your Health app.


How can I know which habit templates sync which data from my Health app?

You can see details for the Sync with Apple Health, especially the Workout data.

The sync with the Health app suddenly stops. How to fix it?

When synchronization suddenly stops between Habitify and your Health App (like Apple Health or Google Fit), check the following steps:

  • Make sure Habitify can access your health data in the Settings of your Health App

  • Edit your habit > Goal > Logging method > Manual Logging > Erase Log, and save the change. Then, take the same steps but choose "Sync with Apple Health/Google Fit" again and save the change.

  • Manually log 1 value in your Health App, which can be 0. This is like a trigger to activate the synchronization.

Why doesn't Habitify sync my workout data from the health kit? I enabled the sync.

Workout data in Google Fit and Apple Health can include data from many activities, and our habit template is for syncing data from one activity. So please choose the correct template to sync the correct data.
You can check here: Which activities from Health does Habitify get data from? (for iOS).

Syncing with data from Apple Health or Google Fit is impossible. Where can I find it?

First, please ensure you have chosen the templates marked with a heart icon.

Secondly, please adjust the unit in the Goal section of the habit settings. You can read here which units are supported with the Health/Google Fit synchronization feature.

If you edit your habit to change the logging method but can no longer change the suitable unit to sync, please create a new habit instead.

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