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This feature allows you to put your habits on pause all at once while you can enjoy your vacations.

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The Off Mode feature in Habitify allows users to pause their habits temporarily during vacations, trips, or other breaks when they may not have time to check in for their habits. Enabling the Off Mode provides the following benefits:

  • Reminders Off: All reminders for habits will be disabled, ensuring no notifications on habits during the Off Mode period.

  • On Vacation Status: All habits will be automatically marked as "on vacation" while the Off Mode is enabled. This protects streaks and achievements during the break.

  • Streak Protection: Streaks on habits are preserved during the Off Mode, preventing users from losing progress.

Enable Off Mode

Users need to inform Habitify about their plan, specifying the start and end dates of their break or vacation. This time range is called "Time Off." Notable points about setting Time Off:

  • Only one Time Off is allowed within the same time range.

  • Only one Time Off can be set for the same date.

  • The Off Mode supports breaks that are more than one day in duration.

Users can also choose an icon to represent the Time Off, which helps them identify the days they are not doing their habit due to the break. Dates within the Time Off period will be marked with the chosen icon in the Single Progress view of each habit.

Notification during the Off Mode

All habit notifications are turned off during the Off Mode, including briefing notifications. Users will only receive two notifications during this time:

  1. Notification on the first day when the Off Mode starts.

  2. Notification on the last day when the Off Mode is about to end.

Off Mode on the Website & Desktop app

Users can enable or disable the Off Mode on the Web & Desktop app by going to App Settings > Off Mode.


Can I log progress during the Off Mode?

No, logging progress is not possible during the Off Mode. All habits will be hidden during this period. Users can check in later after the Off Mode ends or stop the current Time Off to set another one for subsequent days.

Does it count to my streak if I complete the goal on a date during my Time Off?

Completing the goal during the Time Off will count towards the streak for good habits. For bad habits, if the log is not more than the goal, the day will be marked as successful and count towards the current streak.

Does it end my streak if I check my progress but do not complete the goal on a date during my Time Off?

No, checking in progress without completing the goal during the Time Off does not end the streak. It only shows the date in the Single Progress view.

Can I add Time Off in the past?

No, users can only add a new Time Off for future dates.

Can I add Time Off just for 1 day?

No, the Time Off feature is available for breaks that are more than one day. For breaks of only one day, it is recommended to skip the habits manually.

How can I turn off the off mode while it is active?

Go to Settings > Mode off. Then swipe left the active one and choose "Stop".

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