Privacy Lock

With Habitify's Privacy Lock feature, you can safeguard your habit data within the Habitify app.

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Enable the privacy lock

To access the Privacy Lock feature, a Premium Membership subscription is required.

You can activate the Privacy Lock by following these straightforward steps:

  • Navigate to the Settings > Privacy Lock.

  • Toggle the button to enable Privacy Lock, triggering a passcode prompt.

Set passcode

You will be prompted to create a passcode for the Privacy Lock. It is vital to choose a unique and secure passcode, easy to remember for the user but challenging for others to guess.

Use Face ID

For added convenience and security, Habitify offers the option to use Face ID in conjunction with the passcode. You can enable the face ID by toggling the button

Change passcode

Habitify allows you to change the passcode or disable it if necessary. However, it's essential to remember the old passcode when making these changes.

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