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First Day of the Week
First Day of the Week

This feature lets you to define whether your week starts on Monday or Sunday, tailoring your habit-tracking experience to your preferences.

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How to set up

  • Go to Settings

  • Tap on First Day of the Week

  • Choose between "Sunday" or "Monday"

Effects of the Change on the First Day

On weekly habits

By selecting your preferred start day, you ensure that weekly habits reset and start anew according to your chosen weekly cycle.

For instance, if you choose Monday as the first day, weekly habits will reset every Monday.

In Single Progress View

The calendar adapts to reflect your chosen start day, providing a visual representation of your habit progress within your preferred weekly framework.

This tailored view enhances your habit-tracking experience.

In the Progress Tab

The time range dynamically adjusts based on your chosen starting day, especially when you choose the week-based time range.

Please choose your preferred first day of the week thoughtfully, as changing it may impact your habit tracking and progress visualization. By selecting the start day that aligns with your habits and routines, you'll create a more personalized and effective habit-tracking experience.

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