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The App Badge feature in Habitify displays a badge on the app icon, showcasing the number of incomplete daily habits.

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The App Badge is a constant visual cue, reinforcing your commitment to your habits. When you see the badge on the Habitify app icon, it serves as a gentle nudge to complete your ongoing habits.

By regularly checking the badge and taking action, you can maintain consistency and build positive habits that align with your goals.

Detailed settings

You have the flexibility to choose between two display options:

  1. Show All Ongoing Habits: With this option selected, the App Badge will display the total number of ongoing habits that are yet to be completed, regardless of the specific Time of Day they belong to. This provides a comprehensive overview of your incomplete habits throughout the day.

  2. Show Ongoing Habits at Each Time of Day: Alternatively, you can customize the App Badge to show only the ongoing habits corresponding to each specific Time of Day. This allows for a more focused and targeted reminder, highlighting the habits that require your attention during specific parts of the day.

By tailoring the App Badge to your preference, you can ensure that it aligns with your habit-tracking approach and helps you stay on top of your goals.

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