The Briefing Notification give you a brief on your daily habits at the beginning and the end of the day.

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Enable the briefing notifications

To enable the briefing notifications, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings

  • Tap on Notification

  • Toggle the button of "Morning" and "Evening" for Daily Briefing

Morning Briefing

In the morning, Habitify's Briefing Notification provides you with valuable information to kickstart your day. It displays the number of habits that you have scheduled for completion on that particular day. This helps you set your intentions, prioritize your tasks, and plan your day accordingly.

Please note that the Morning Briefing only counts habits that have reminders set.

Evening Briefing

In the evening, Habitify's Briefing Notification offers a summary of your habit completion progress for the day. It shows the percentage of habits you have successfully completed, giving you a clear overview of your daily achievements. This information allows you to reflect on your performance, celebrate your successes, and identify areas for improvement.

Set time for briefing

Habitify provides you with the flexibility to personalize your Briefing Notifications according to your preferences. You can customize the time when you receive the Morning and Evening Briefings, ensuring that they align with your daily routine.

By default, the Morning Briefing is set at 7 am, while the Evening Briefing is set at 9 pm. However, feel free to adjust these timings to which works best for you.


Why can't I receive any notifications from the app, even the reminders?

In some cases, your phone's Settings may prevent the work of Notifications. These articles can be helpful in these cases

How to turn off the promotion push notification?

You may receive some notification that is not either the briefing one or the reminder of your habits.

It is our effort to increase engagement with you and all of our users. We are so sorry if it causes you any inconvenience.

Why did I receive duplicated notifications on the same habit?

Before this issue happens, did you ever change the timezone? This action can result that the notification on habit reminders will be scheduled in advance. In this case, it seems that each time you change the timezone, a new set of notifications is created while the other ones still exist. The issue won't disappear gradually if there is no change in the timezone on your device anymore.

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