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In addition to visual cues, we offer in-app sounds that add an auditory dimension to your habit journey.

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To enable the in-app sound, go to Settings tab > Toggle the button of In-App Sound.

Habitify's in-app sound feature is designed to give you audible feedback when you check in or skip a habit and when the Focus Timer ends.

  • When you check in or skip a habit, the in-app sound feature plays a pleasant sound to signify your action. This auditory feedback adds a satisfying element to your habit-tracking experience and helps create a positive association with completing or consciously skipping a habit.

  • When the timer ends, the in-app sound feature generates a distinct sound to notify you that the designated period for focused work or activity has concluded. This sound signals you to take a break or transition to the next task, optimizing your productivity and time management.

To fully benefit from the in-app sound feature, enabling the sound on your device is important. By activating your device's sound settings, you can immerse yourself in the complete Habitify experience and enjoy the auditory feedback that accompanies your habit-tracking actions.

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