Create a beautiful artwork summary PDF in seconds. 

Starting from the artwork homepage, select an artwork and click Options. Select Artwork Summary PDF to download to your computer.

The summary pdf will include the following information:
Artwork image, artist name, artwork title, medium, dimensions and description.

Additionally, you can choose to add the artwork's provenance to the PDF, including exhibitions, press and publications. To do this, select Advanced Options to open a menu of advanced features. 

Click Projects to see exhibitions and events you have previously added to the artwork. Select the square to the right of your project to add it to the summary PDF. It will turn blue to show it has been successfully added.

Click Press & Publications to find articles or books you have previously saved to the artwork. Select the square to the right of the publication to include it in your summary PDF. 

To remove a project, press and publication, click the square a second time. It will turn from blue to grey to show it has been removed.

Now, return to the artwork preview and select Options. Click Artwork Summary PDF to download. Your summary will now include the artwork provenance along side the artwork information.

You can change the style of your PDF in the settings, found in the top right corner of your page.

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