Tasks can be added to artworks to keep track of your to-dos. Select the artwork you would like to add a task to. Click on Advanced Options to open the menu.

Next, click Tasks to open the tasks management panel. Time to add your first task! 

First click Add Task. A new row will appear for you to enter your task details. Simply click into each field to enter the information. Click Task to add the task information, for example: "Frame artwork". 

Now add a date by which this needs to be completed by clicking Date to open the calendar. Select the date from here - you can scroll through the months to find the date you need. 

Next, you can add financial information into Budget to keep track of the costs involved.

Lastly, add tags to help track specific tasks. Click Tags and either chose a tag from the list, or start typing to create a new tag. 

In all cases, your information will automatically save as you type!

Click Add Task again to add further tasks. If you have more than one task saved, you can reorder the list by dragging and dropping using the list icon on the left of the task.

When you have completed the task, click the green tick to record it as completed. You can undo this action by clicking the tick again.

Click View Calendar to open your calendar to view your upcoming task and project dates in red. Dark red indicates an outstanding task and light red indicates a completed task. Dark blue indicates the start date of a project and light blue indicates the end date of a project.

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