Quickly copy artwork information for multiple artworks to paste elsewhere, for example within an email or Word document.

First, on the artwork homepage, select the artworks you would like to copy details for by clicking the selected tick box on the left of the list. Don't forget you can filter, sort and search to find what you are looking for.

At the bottom of the page, you can click View Selected to view a list of your selected works. You do not need to do this step, but it can be helpful to view only the artworks you are working with.

From the same menu at the bottom of the page, click Copy to Clipboard. The information for the selected works are now copied to your computer.

Go to the document you wish to paste these details into. To paste, either click the Edit menu of your application followed by Paste, or right click your mouse, followed by Paste. The contact details will now appear in your document.

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