Editions are artworks with multiple copies. They tend to be identical copies of the same artwork, and a limited number are produced. Editions are often prints, but can be any medium. They are signed and numbered by the artist.

First go to your artwork homepage. Here you will see a list of your artworks, which includes both unique and edition artworks.

You can search for a particular artwork, or chose to View All or view your favourite starred artworks. You can even apply a filter or sort to your artwork list. 

Next, click on the edition you would like to view by selecting it from the list. It will appear on the left hand side of your artwork homepage. 

You can quickly view a list of all the associated editions by clicking View All Editions. 

From this edition management view, you can quickly edit any of the editions. 

Let's begin by editing the status. Click the current status of an edition to open a pop up of options. Click the status you would like to use and then Save.

You can do the same for the location by clicking either Add Location, or the current location. Within the pop up box, search through your contacts to find the location you would like to add. Select it then press Save

You can add and view notes to individual editions by clicking the N. A blue N indicates there is a note, the grey indicates no notes. 

To add a note, click on the N and begin typing in the notes field. Your entry will automatically be saved. 

To view a note, click the blue N to reveal the entry. You can click directly into the note field to edit or delete the note. Click the N a second time to hide the notes.

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