There is no limit to the size of image you can save in your inventory, making Hako a great place to store your image archive. Starting on your artwork homepage, select the work you would like to add images to to open the artwork preview.

You can upload images directly into the image panel of your artwork preview by either browsing files on your computer or drag and drop.

Click Browse your computer to access the files on your computer. Find the images you would like to add, select them and press OK.

Another option is to drag and drop your images directly into the image panel. Find the image file you would like to add on your computer, select it and drag it over the image panel. Release to drop the image. Your image will now begin uploading.

The image will appear once is has uploaded. Now you can chose to Feature the image, which will make it the main artwork image, or add it to Starred images. 

To Feature an image, drag the image into the Featured Image block. This will automatically update your main artwork image.

You can drag and drop other images into Starred. If an image is Starred, it is available to use as an alternative view, is included in an artwork image export and can be aded to Bento.

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