You can quickly add tags to multiple artworks at the same time with the bulk edit tool. On the artwork homepage, select the artworks you would like to update by clicking the grey box on the left of the list, turning it blue. Don't forget you can filter, sort and search to find the artworks you are looking for.

At the bottom of the page select View Selected to see your list. Then click More Options to open the menu. Now select Tag from the Bulk Edit options.

In the pop up that appears, click into the Tag field to open a drop down list of existing tags for you to choose from. Click on the tags you want to add, you can add more than one.

You can also create new tags.. To do this, simple start typing the name of your new tag. Once you have finished press enter on your keyboard. The tag will now be saved. 

Now press Submit to update your artworks.

As well as your artworks being updated, your tags will also be updated on the tags management panels. Any new tags you created will now appear here.

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