You can create tags to assign custom categories to artworks. On your artwork homepage, you will find the Series and Tags management panel on the right. Select Tag view

To make a tag click Create New Tag, enter the name of the tag and press Save. You can edit the tag by hovering over the tag and press Edit. 

Now you can add a tag to an artwork. First find the artwork and click Edit Details. In the Tag field, scroll through the list of tags you have created, or begin typing to search. Select the tag you wish to use and click Save.

Hako can also Suggest Tags for an artwork. In the Tag section of Edit Details panel, click Suggest Tag. Hako uses AI to analyse the artwork's image to generate tags related to the image. A list of results will appear and you can select the tags you would like to add tot he artwork. 

To remove a tag from an artwork, click on the X icon next to the tag.

Now, in the Tag management panel, you can click a tag to quickly display a list of artworks that have been given this tag. This is a great way to organise and search through your artworks quickly. 

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