You can add any content from your inventory to Bento, building presentations to suit your needs. For example, you could build a career overview by adding important artworks, exhibitions and publications to a Bento. Or a presentation of a particular body of works of artworks only. Perhaps you need to collate information for a project, adding artworks, contacts, images and press.

Once you have added information, you can instantly download beautiful PDFs or create microsite with displaying your curated information.

Add Artworks, Projects and Contacts

From your Bento homepage, select the Bento you wish to add information to. 

You will see the sections Projects, Artworks, Contacts and Images. Let's look at how to add a project:

Hover over the Project header and click Search Projects. In the search bar that opens, type in the name of the project you would like to add and Bento will search through your inventory records. Now, click on it and it will be added to your Bento.

If you need, you can rename the section, for example you could change "Projects" to "Solo Exhibitions". To do this, click the header and begin typing.

Next, you can add an Introduction Text. Hover over the header and click Add Introduction Text, for example "Solo exhibitions between 2000 - 2010". Your text will be automatically saved. 

Repeat this process for Artworks and Contacts. 

You do not need to add content to every section. If a section has no information added to it, it will not be displayed on the PDF or microsite.

You can reorder your sections by clicking the list icon to the left of the content header, and dragging it into position.

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