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I'm subscribed but the prayers are locked
I'm subscribed but the prayers are locked
Help for when you've already started your free trial, but the sessions remain locked and it won't let you subscribe again
Updated over a week ago

Option 1: If you recently logged in and you see that all of your activity is gone, then you likely accidentally created a new account. Please follow the steps below to log out and log back in. (If you typically sign in using your e-mail, please do that and not use Google or Apple or vice versa)

For Apple Users, if Option 1 doesn't work, please follow the steps found on Option2.

Option 2: Go to the "Me" tab in the app, then click the gear icon in the top right, then scroll down. Click Subscription then "Restore Purchase

We're always here to help if you need it and should reach out shortly through this purple chat window or through e-mail at

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