Apologies for the inconvenience! Whoever purchased the gift card should have received an email with instructions on how to redeem. I've pasted them below.

Instructions for redeeming if you don't yet have a Hallow account:

  • Go to https://hallow.app/register
  • Enter your name, email and password to sign up
  • Scroll down, enter the promo code (you'll need to find this in the email you received as it's different for each gift card), and click "Redeem"
  • Enter your credit card and click "Subscribe Now" (you will not be charged at all until the gift card expires and we will send you a reminder email before it does - you can also cancel at any time and retain access throughout the gift card period).
  • Download the Hallow app. Just search "Hallow" in the app stores (Apple or GooglePlay) - it’s the purple one. Click "Already have an account? Log in" underneath the "Get Started" button and sign in with the email you used in step 2.

If you have any questions at all please reach out to us here or at support@hallow.app

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