If you have a promo code, but you created an account on your phone and hit "start free trial" then this article can help. If you aren't sure if you are on the free trial, you can click on the "discover" tab in the bottom and then go to the "praylists" section, if you see thumbnails with locks in them, then you aren't on the free trial (if there are no locks anywhere you are on the free trial).

First step is for you to cancel your free trial. You can do so by following these steps: 

For Apple users (iOS): Click on this link to go to the Apple subscriptions -> find the Hallow app where you can see your subscription or cancel it if needed at any time! If you are subscribed a check mark will show up next to one of the price options and there will be a cancel button below. If not there will not be a cancel button and no check mark.

For Android users: Go to the Google Play Store app on your phone, tap Menu, and then Subscriptions -> find the Hallow app and you’ll see your subscription status or a cancel option to cancel.

Next step after you've cancelled, is for you to log out of your account. You can do so by clicking on the "Me" tab on the bottom right of your screen in your app, then tapping on the little "cog" in the top right then hit log out (pictured below):

Once you've cancelled your free trial and logged out, please message us either through our instant message system or e-mail at support@hallow.app. We'll go into our system and do some magic to reset your account and contact you. 

After you do that, we'll respond to you. Last step is for you go to to our website here and sign up and include the promo code :)

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