Thank you for being interested! I've listed the benefits of being a Hallow Plus Member below:

  1. You become a supporter of our mission! We quit our jobs as young adults to follow the call to build Hallow. Your subscription contributes directly to impacting not just our lives and the life of Hallow, but also that of the tens of thousands of people around the world that use Hallow to deepen their faith. 

  2. Access to Sleep Section: This comes with 4 types of sessions which include our popular "Night Prayer" as well as Nightly Examen, Sleep Meditation, and Sleep Lectio Divina as well content from Fr. Mike Schmitz and Jonathan Roumie.

  3. Access to Music Section: This comes with over 30 music tracks from artists like Harpa Dei, Sean Beeson, and Kat Hammock

  4. Ability to join our Community Challenges: These are awesome seasonal content challenges that we go through together, which includes our popular #pray40 challenge which in Lent 2020 had over 10,000 people praying together

  5. Access to Praylists: Humility, Letting Go, Calm, Hope, Gratitude, Patience, Love, Forgiveness, Joy, and Making Decisions

  6. Access to Challenges: These are longer "deep dives" into areas of the faith and include the "Our Father" challenge (9 unique sessions), "Stations of the Cross" challenge (14 unique sessions), the "Saints" challenge (9 unique sessions), and the "Psalms" challenge (3 unique sessions)

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