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Sharing free meditations with your parish
Sharing free meditations with your parish
How to embed videos from our YouTube channel onto your parish website or social media.
Updated over a week ago

Thanks for your interest in sharing our meditations with your community! We've hopefully made it easy to post one of the sessions from our YouTube channel to social media or your parish website.

Please follow the steps below and reach out to us at with any questions!

Sharing videos on social media:

  1. Find the playlist or video you'd like to share by visiting our YouTube page. You can access the "Hallow dailies" playlist here.

  2. Click the share icon on the video you'd like to post underneath the session title:

Share icon thumnbail

3. Select where you'd like to share the video. YouTube automatically gives you some customized options for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Email, but you can also copy and paste the sharing link pretty much anywhere.

Share screen thumbnail

That's it! You're now ready to share your favorite session on social media 🙏

Sharing videos on websites:

  1. You can follow the same steps as above to locate the share link for the video you'd like to post on your site.

  2. Check to see if your website has a place to drop in the same share link as above on your site (platforms like Wordpress, eCatholic, or Wix make this very easy). Paste the share link where you'd like the video to appear and you're ready!

    (Here's what the drag and drop video screen looks like on Squarespace, for example):

Squarespace screenshot

3. If your platform requires more html, select Embed on the YouTube share screen, copy the code that pops up, and paste the html onto the appropriate place on your website (you may need help from your parish webmaster for this step!)

All done! 🙌Thanks again for sharing these meditations with others. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at with any questions!

P.S. This is what your video will look like after being embedded on your website 🥳

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