Thanks so much for the interest in the Hallow Family Plan! Were so excited for you and your loved ones to join us in prayer.

The plan is $99.99 / year for up to 6 members of your family living under one roof. Normally that would $360 ($59.99 / year times 6), but in an effort to encourage our families in their faith lives, we're giving it away at a 70%+ discount.

If you are a new user without an account:

Just go to, create an account, and choose the family subscription option. Then just follow the prompts to add your other family members and they'll be sent emails to create their own accounts.

If you are a new user with an account but haven't subscribed before:

Just go to to log in. After logging in you will see an option in the left-hand sidebar for "Family," select that. From there you can upgrade your existing subscription to a family plan or purchase a new one. When you've completed that process you will be guided to invite the members of your family by providing their emails. They will be sent an email with more steps on how to link their account to the family plan.

If you are a new user with a subscription:

Go to to log in, click the family button, and follow the prompts to upgrade. You will need to cancel your subscription through Apple or Google to make sure you aren't charged twice (steps here).

Your family plan price will be discounted to account for the number of days in your current plan that have already expired. That discount will be applied to the price of the new family plan and the new subscription will start the day you purchase it and extend for the next 12 months.

Example: if you had purchased an annual subscription for $60 (technically $59.99, but using round numbers for ease) six months ago and today upgraded to a family plan - you've already used half of your 12 month plan so half of the price ($30) would be applied to your $99.99 family plan price so you'd only have to pay $69.99 for a new 12 month family plan that will start today.

This discount also applies to monthly subscriptions. All of the discounts are based off of the days that have passed in your subscription.

This only applies to one account so if you and your spouse both had a subscription then the discount will only factor in the person upgrading's previous subscription. The other person will need to cancel their subscription and sign on through the new family plan.

I signed up but it's not unlocking on my app: if you open the app and it doesn't unlock the prayers, go to the "Me" tab, click the gear icon in the top right, and log out and back in.

Is there a monthly option?

At this time, no - we are only offering the family plan as an annual plan.

We're always here to help if you need it and should reach out shortly through this purple chat window or through e-mail at

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