From time to time, we offer giveaways, referral bonuses, and other promotional contests to users sharing Hallow with their friends and family.

To do that, each Hallow user has a unique referral code that they can share to get credit for everyone they refer to the app.

To share your unique referral code, open the Hallow app, scroll to the bottom of the home screen, and click the "Share" button.

When you click "Share" you can select how you would like to send your code. You can choose between text, email, or any other communication apps that you have on your device.

You can also copy and paste your code manually wherever you would like (e.g., in a Facebook post or in a group chat).

The link will take the person you are referring to our website registration screen where they can create an account and start a free trial of Hallow Plus. (Note that they need to follow the link and sign up online, NOT directly in the app store, for your referral to be recorded).

Their currently isn't a way for you to see how many friends have successfully signed up as a result of your referral, but if you would like us to check for you, you can reach out to

Let us know if you run into any issues. God bless!

P.S. Referral free trials are available for newly subscribing Hallow Plus users only, not for those that have previously subscribed or started a free trial.

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