Hallow Herald FAQs
What is Hallow Heralds?
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What is Hallow Heralds?

It's our Hallow Global Community program! There are three parts to the program:

  1. Fellowship: Meet other Heralds from around the world as you journey through Community challenges

  2. Spiritual Growth: Attend Herald only events, be placed in discussion groups and go deeper in prayer through the program

  3. Paying it forward: The program is available free of charge for those who join our community challenges. We don't ask for your money, only that you share Hallow with others so we can achieve of our vision of helping 1,000,000 people offer up a piece of their phones to faith

Do I have to pay anything?

Nope. Just share Hallow with others! You'll get a nifty unique promo code that offers 3 months of free access to Hallow Plus.

Am I selling something?

Also nope. The link you share will convert back to the free version after the 3 months so no one is accidentally charged or forced to buy anything

What is the time commitment? Is there a catch?

At a minimum, we ask that you are active on the community platform by logging in at least once a week and interacting with other Heralds in order to keep our community vibrant. There is no set time commitment, we know people are busy!

How do I join?

You can be invited by being active on Hallow, or by watching this video and signing up!

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