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Using a Hamper Kiosk
How does the Hamper Kiosk work?
How does the Hamper Kiosk work?

Kiosk orders with Hamper

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The drop off process consists of 4 simple steps.

The customer walks up to our Hamper kiosk and:

1. Enters their mobile phone number, name, and suite number

2. Scans the QR code off their Hamper bag and drop off their dry cleaning. (extra bags will be available

at kiosk)

3. Once dropped, the customer receives a text message with a link to complete their order on our site by selecting their preferred delivery day/time and putting card on file.

4. We then deliver their dry cleaning back to their suite at the day/time of their choosing.


Our drop off process takes less than 20 seconds, and is an innovative alternative to busy professionals needing to go to the dry cleaners.

Since most professionals work from 9am-5pm, it’s a hassle working around the cleaners’ hours of 8am-7pm.

Hamper helps alleviate that hassle and instead lets them conveniently drop off their dry cleaning at work, at their own convenience. Bags are picked up from the kiosk daily, and are delivered at the time they have selected.

Customers also have the option of using our iOS/Android app to make using Hamper more convenient!

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