• Once logged in, click 'New project' from your projects dashboard
  • Complete the four steps of project creation: (1) project details, (2) risk assessments, (3) sequence of operations, (4) method statement
  • Navigate using the bottom panel buttons 'Next' or 'Save and exit'
  • Add personnel and PDF attachments before downloading or sending the RAMS

Depending on your account plan, you might have other features such a COSHH, digital signatures or approvals as well.

Before you begin: add your logo and address!

For a professional looking document, it is a good idea to configure your account settings by adding a logo and company details first.

Creating a project RAMS

One project is one complete risk assessment and method statement (RAMS) document.

  • Click ‘New project’ on the top right-hand side. This will take you straight to the Project Details page.

1. Project Details

When you are starting a new Project, the only compulsory box to fill out is ‘Project name’ - this means that if you don’t know the rest of the information it does not matter as you can go back and edit/change the information here at a later date.

You can view more information on how to make changes to the Project details, such as adding a signature page, changing the project dates or address here.

Once you are finished on this page, ensure to click next or save and exit on the bottom right-hand side of the page to prevent losing your project.

2. Risk Assessments

On the Risk Assessment page, you can select your Categories and associated activities.

Simply tick the box next to the Category you will be carrying out, and you will then see a drop-down menu of activities.

You can edit the activities at any point, and you can see how to do this here

Once you have made your selection and edits click next or save and exit and the bottom right-hand side of the page.

Please note that if you remove Categories at a later date this will reset your sequence of operations and method statement sections.

3. Sequence of Operations 

If there are tasks associated with your activities, they will appear here and you will be able to edit, add and remove any of the tasks.

Under each Category, select the tasks that you require.

You can then edit and add to any of the tasks and sub-tasks.

You can also re-order the tasks if needed using the dots on the left-hand side of the task.

More information on how to edit the sequence of operations can be seen here

Once you have completed this section, simply click next or save & exit on the bottom right-hand side to continue on to the method statement section

4. Method Statement

Here you can add in any other information relevant to the Project you are carrying out.

You can add an image to all the sections of the method statement, for example, a map of where the nearest hospital is in case of an emergency. When you upload a picture, it will automatically rescale to fit if it is bigger than A4.

For more information on adding images, please see our guide

Depending on the Categories you have selected, the relevant legislation and codes of practice will appear.

If there is anything here which is not relevant to your specific Project, or if there is anything you need to add, you can edit the text.

It is important to note that if you do not want any of the sections to appear on the document, simply leave the boxes blank and they will not appear.

You can see more on how to edit the sections of the method statement here

Once you are happy with the section, click ‘Next’ or ‘Save and Exit’ on the bottom right-hand side of the page.

That’s it! You have now taken the first steps in creating your first Project. 

You will now be brought to the Projects Contents Page where you can:

  1. Edit your project
  2. Preview your project
  3. Email your project
  4. Download your project in a PDF format
  5. Add personnel
  6. Manage your documents: add COSHH and PDFs (COSHH not available on basic plans)
  7. Audit the project history (pro and enterprise accounts only)
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