Posted November 5th 2020

Illustrating Covid-secure arrangements 😷

To help keep your workforce safe during the pandemic, we have created a special Covid-secure sequence of operations with illustrations attached. We hope you find these useful to help communicate measures to your workforce.

Merging of Covid categories

To make it easier to navigate, we have merged the Covid categories into one section, which contains all the information you need. The risk assessments have also been updated in line with recent government guidelines, and the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) Site Operating Procedures version 6. You can see full contents further down.

Adding the Covid-secure sequence to a project:

  • In the risk assessment section, select the Covid-19 category in your project

  • Click 'Next' to get to the sequence of operation

  • Choose Covid sequences relevant to your job

  • The images will automatically appear where relevant

New Covid-19 (Coronavirus) category contents

When you tick any of the Covid-19 risk assessments, the sequence of operations and method statement sections will automatically be made available for that project.

Risk assessments:

  • Construction site

  • Office work

  • Working in private premises/homes

  • Working in schools

  • Working in retail / hospitality premises

Sequence of operations (now include illustrations!):

  • Working from home

  • Checks before travel

  • Essential travel options

  • Arriving on site/office (access/egress)

  • Welfare

  • Deliveries

  • Meetings

Method statement sections:

  • Management controls

  • Training

Whilst we make sure the Covid content is as comprehensive as possible, we encourage you to read it in detail and edit them to make them specific to your business.

If you cannot see these updates in your account, chances are you have a personalised library. Please get in touch with support.

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