Importing Units

The easiest way to add multiple Units to your account is to use the online Importer. To do this:

  • log in to > click Let's Get Started > choose the folder you want to import the units > click the Units tab > click Import Units in the top right > download the Importer Spreadsheet by clicking the blue 'Click Here to Download CSV..' > fill in the spreadsheet > drag and drop the CSV or browse to upload it.

The Importer needs a very precise layout, so please make sure you don't change any column headers, or have any duplicate rows - this will result in a failed upload. Check out the image below for a breakdown of each of the headings:

Adding Individual Units

Individual Units can be added through the app, if you're on the road. In Inspections you can do this by:

  • tapping the Units tab > tap the '+' icon > tap Add New Unit > Fill in the Unit details > Tap the checkmark.

Editing Units

You can also edit your imported Units through the app to add a property photo and more contacts. To edit a Property in the Inspections app:

  • tap the Units tab > tap the Unit you would like to edit > tap the three dot icon > tap Edit Unit > change the details, add a property photo, or add another contact > tap the checkmark to commit your changes.

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