Accessing the Template Editor

You can access the Template Editor online in Happy Manage. To start editing templates:

  • log in to > click Let's Get Started in the top left > choose the folder > click the Templates tab > select the Template > click Edit in the top right.

Renaming Templates, Sections and Items

You can Rename Sections and Items in the Template editor by:

  • Click the TemplateSection/Item name > on the right enter the new name in the Name field > click Update to commit your changes.

Adding a New Section

When adding a new Section, you can either create a blank new section, or copy another section with all it's items. To do this:

  • Click Add Section > enter the Section Name > to copy another Section's items, select it so there is a checkmark > click Create Section.

Adding Items

Items are what your team will be inspecting. To add a new Item:

  • Click Add Item > enter the Name > enter any notes for the inspectors in the Notes field > enter pre filled any comments in Comments > choose a rating set by clicking Select Another Rating Set > click Create Items.

When you create an Item you can also create a new Rating. You can create a new rating by:

  • Create a new item > click the '+' icon in the Rating > the Label is the identifier in the Inspection and Report > Short Hand is an abbreviation displayed in the app > Grade will represent the selection on the Report (eg Yes or No) > Choose a color and icon > click the checkmark.

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