In this video I’ll show you how to work with an existing template.

Duplicate a template

  1. Tap on the +

  2. Tap Duplicate an Existing Template

  3. Tap on the template you wish to duplicate

  4. Fill out the information for the new template you’d like to create

  5. Once you’re finished, tap the checkmark and you’ll be taken to the template

Navigate through the template

  • Collapse or expand sections one-by-one by tapping the arrow next to the title

  • Tap the <> icon at the bottom in the middle to collapse all sections and easily view the outline

  • To easily navigate to whatever section you’d like, tap the icon at the far right

Edit and delete items and sections

  1. Tap on Edit in the left hand corner

  2. Edit Outline: here, we can delete and rename sections

  • Rename a section: tap the title of the section and type in the new title

  • Delete a section: just tap Delete Section

Insert items and sections

  • Insert item: tap Insert Item and fill out the information

  • Insert section: tap Insert Section to add an entire section, then select a new Blank Section or duplicate an existing section

Delete an item

  • Click on an item to edit the name, or delete it from the same screen

  • You can also delete items by tapping the red minus sign on the far right, and then tapping Delete in the left red box

Keep in mind

  • You don’t need to delete sections and items that don’t exist at your property, as there are report settings that allow you to generate reports that only contain data for the items that you actually inspect.

  • The template provides just a basic structure for an inspection. During an actual inspection you can make modifications to suit your needs, such as deleting or adding items and sections.

Reorder sections and items

You can reorder items to reflect the layout of the space you are inspecting.

  • Move items: drag and drop the three line icon in the far right side of whatever item you’d like to move

  • Move sections: click Reorder Sections in the lower right hand corner, and drag the three line icon of the section you’d like to move and drop it to the desired location

Edit template ratings

From this edit screen, you can also edit template ratings. You can modify the colors, labels and symbols associated with each rating. To learn more about ratings, check out our video on customizing ratings.

Save your changes

  • Tap the checkmark to commit your edits to the outline

Pre-fill values

Any future inspections created with this template will default to the values you select here.

  1. Select Pre-fill values

  2. Make your selections

This way, when you’re performing an inspection, you’ll only have to record information that falls outside of the pre-filled ratings.

Create a blank template

You can also create templates from scratch by choosing Create a Blank Template.

Digitize your form

If you have a word or PDF document of an inspection form and you'd like the equivalent built in our app, you can digitize your form.

  • Select Digitize Your Form

  • Send us your inspection form and we can make the template for you

Desktop editing

Check out our video, Editing in Happy Manage, to learn how to edit templates from the comfort of your computer.

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