If you prefer to work with a keyboard and mouse you can edit templet on a desktop through Manage.

To start Editing a Template:

  • Sign in at happy.co
  • Choose the folder the template is located
  • Click the Templates tab
  • Select the template you wish to edit
  • Click the Edit button in the top right

To edit the name of a Template, Section or Item:

  • Click the Name
  • Write in the Name field on the right
  • Click Update in the bottom right

To delete an Item or Section:

  • Click the item/section
  • Click the Trash Can icon on the right screen

Note: Deleting an item is immediate and permanent

To add a new room or section:

  • Click the Add New Section button at the bottom of each section
  • Name the Section
  • Optional: Click a room to duplicate it's items from a previous section
  • Click Create Section

To add a new Item:

  • Click the Add New Item button at the bottom of each section
  • Name the item
  • Add any useful information or criteria to the Info section
  • Select a rating, or create a new rating set

To create a new Rating Set:

  • Click the '+' icon
  • Select the Rating Type
  • Name the rating by filling out the Label field
  • Choose what it will appear as on the report when selected by filling out the Grade field
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