What is embedding?

Embedding allows you to take your transcript and post it on your own website directly.

Embedding vs uploading

When you upload a video, you are taking the video file itself and uploading it to your own web hosting account. Then you can use an external media player to display the file on your website.

When you embed a video, you are hosting the video at another location and simply linking to it. The way you link to it, you can see the video player on your website, and it does not matter that the video is hosted in Happy Scribe.

Benefits of embedding

The video will play faster and in better quality, if it is hosted elsewhere, benefitting your overall SEO (search engine optimization) ranking, and your visitors will be able to see your video and transcript without having to leave your website seamlessly.

How to embed a video

  • From the editor, click 'Share' on the top right of the page

  • Click on 'Activate sharing' and toggle the options you'd like your viewers to have

  • Click on 'Generate Embed', and then 'Copy Embed Code'

  • Paste the generated code into your website text editor

And that's it, your video has been embedded on your website successfully!

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