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How to write a useful bug report

Why is this so important? A good bug report gets the bug fixed as it lets our engineers know which parts of the code are not behaving as they should. Finding and fixing bugs is a very difficult task, and it's practically impossible without enough information, so you can make this process much easier and fast by submitting useful bug reports that will pinpoint the issue straight away.

A good Bug report must contain only one bug and be specific. It should contain a summary of the issue occurring, and the steps that allow the engineer to reproduce the bug.

Good report example:

Title: Clear, short, and summarizes the issue. Ex: Public video from Vimeo does not surpass 50% on uploading process

Details: It contains an overview of the issue, how frequently it occurs and what triggers it. This section should contain useful facts for the team to reproduce and fix the Bug, not opinions or complaints.

Should you like to add any attachments, such as a link or a screenshot, feel free to do so, the more information the better! That being said, it if contains private information, please send it to us via email at hi@happyscribe.co.

Where to report a bug

We have a page dedicated to bug reports, so we get notifications when you report a new issue, and so you receive updates on the progress of the resolution.

Before reporting a new bug, in order to avoid duplicates, please search on the page before posting. Another user might've encountered the same issue and posted it already, in which case, you just need to upvote it so we know how many people are being affected by it, and we can sort out the priority list.

Now that you know everything about bugs and how to report them, feel free to head over to Happy Scribe's bug report page!

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