The 3 Parts of your Business Plan Account

So now that you have created a Business account, you will have 3 different sections :

1. My Dashboard
2. My Organisation
3. Workspaces

Let's take a look at each of these sections.

1. My Dashboard

My Dashboard is your own personal space on Happy Scribe. Here you can :

  • Upload files for your eyes only.

  • Nobody else in your Organisation can access the files you upload to 'My Dashboard'

  • You cannot invite members to join your dashboard. You must invite them to join a Workspace (see below).

2. My Organisation

My Organisation is where all the information about your organisation's activity is stored, including :

  • An analytics dashboard

  • User activity overview

  • Premium Support

  • Advanced settings

3. Workspace

With Workspaces you can :

  • Collaborate with others on specific projects

  • Create an unlimited amount of Workspaces

  • Invite as many members to join as you wish

  • Allow members to edit and download your files

How to create a Workspace

  • 1. Click on New Workspace

  • 2. Name your Workspace and hit Invite

How to invite members to join your Workspace

  • 1. In Manage Workspace, scroll down to Add members

  • 2. Add the email of the member and hit `Invite`

  • 3. Once they receive the email invite, they can click the invite link to be added to the Workspace.

💡 Remember - to add a member to your Workspace, they must first be a member of your Organisation 💡

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