We've developed a Natural Subtitling Engine that is able to create great subtitles directly from your transcript.

On this video, the captions were made automatically by Happy Scribe. No humans were involved in the process.

How do I create subtitles ?

  1. Open the transcript

  2. If you have edited your transcript, you may want to realign your file to ensure that the video file and the text and well synchronized. To realign, click on Preference and on Realign. The process will take a few minutes.

  3. Once your file is realigned, click on Export and select the subtitling format that you wanna use. At the moment, we provide VTT, SRT and STL

  4. While exporting, you will also be able to change the offset timecode

  5. Click on export and use it for whatever you need.

Please note that when using Adobe Premiere, some versions do not support our .SRT files. If you experience this, we recommend you update your version of Adobe to avoid any issues with your workflow.
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