Many of users post their videos to YouTube and they know how important adding subtitles are for views.

Subtitling your video for YouTube is just 3 steps away!

Step 1 : Upload your video to Happy Scribe

  • Click on Upload a new file

  • Select Subtitles

  • Connect to your YouTube account directly with Happy Scribe, pick your file and hit Submit

  • When your file is ready, click on it to open it

Step 2 : Edit and Export your subtitles on the Subtitle Generator

  • When you are happy with your edits, click on Export and select the .srt format

  • Press Download

Step 3 : Upload the subtitles to your YouTube video

  • From YouTube Studio, click on Subtitles in the left hand menu

  • Select the video you want to subtitle

  • Click on Add and then Upload a file

  • Choose the .srt file you just exported from Happy Scribe.

  • Hit Save changes

And you've successfully subtitled your YouTube video with Happy Scribe :)

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