How do I use the shortcuts?

Saving you time is what we're focused on at Happy Scribe. Now that you’ve saved time with your transcription, here are some great features to make the editing process even faster and smoother for you.

When using the Interactive Editor, the Shortcuts can be accessed by clicking on 'Shortcuts' in the Menu bar:

What does each shortcut do?

Play and Pause

Tab (⇥)

Pause the audio by pressing the tab button. This is especially useful when you need to finish editing or writing a comment but the audio continues to play.

Find & Replace


The rockstar shortcut. Need to replace a certain word with another? Speed up the process by filling in the fields ‘Find’ and ‘Replace with’ and hitting ‘Replace All’.

New paragraph


Sometimes you need to break up the text or create new paragraphs. To do this, click where you want a new paragraph or line to begin and hit Enter.

Rewind 5 sec.

Shift + Tab (⇥)

Jump back 5 seconds in your audio to listen again to that phrase you didn’t quite hear first time around.



This allows you to undo all recent actions on your transcript.



Maybe you have pressed the Undo button too much and want to reverse your action. This is the command for the job!

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