Yes you can and it’s super easy too! 😄

To start, either upload a new file for transcription or open a transcript in your Dashboard.

In the Transcript Editor, you will find the button Convert to subtitles in the top-left corner, underneath the title of the file.

Once you've done that, the Subtitle Editor will open and you’ll be taken to your subtitles! The subtitle file will be a separate file to your transcript, which you can find on your dashboard 😄

Can I create a Transcript from Subtitles?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Currently we can convert a Transcript into Subtitle but the opposite is not yet possible on Happy Scribe.

As a workaround, we’d suggest uploading the file again and selecting Transcription. When you upload the same file for our Automatic Service, our system detects this and you will not be charged a second time - if in doubt, feel free to get in contact with Customer Support by sending an email to or by the chat button on our website!

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