When you sign up as a partner and receive a co-brand version of BenchmarkONE, we are actually outfitting you with three new accounts. They are the Demo Account, the Default Database and the Template Library Database. You will see all of these listed in your single- sign on drop-down menu here:

Here's a quick breakdown on each of these accounts:

Demo Account:

This account is a demonstration tool used to show BenchmarkONE to small business prospects interested in an all-in-one sales and marketing platform. The Demo Account has all the features and functionality as a regular account, but with a limited number of contact slots available (capped at 100).

This account also contains your Partner Portal (found in your upper right hand drop-down). In your Partner Portal, you can sign up new clients, view existing accounts and change your co-brand settings.

  • Tips for Success:

Think of this account as a playground for you to bring together a sales and marketing process to show your prospects. Going through the BenchmarkONE Partner Certification Program is a great way to learn demo tips and learn how you can leverage marketing best practices with BenchmarkONE.

If you want to learn more about setting up your Demo Account to be “Demo-Ready”, check out this Help article on Demo Account Resources.

Default Database:

This account functions as the mold for all of your new client accounts. Anything that is put into this account will be duplicated into any new account you sign up. This could be contact statuses, deal statuses, tags, custom fields, email templates, campaigns or forms.

  • Tips for Success:

Existing customer accounts will not change when you make changes to your database settings. When you update or change the Default Database settings, only new sign-ups will have those changes reflected in their application. For more information, check out this article.

Template Library Account:

The Template Library Account is your designated content creation center. The email templates you create in this account will fill out your clients’ pre-designed templates folder – which can be continuously updated.

You have a choice of whether or not to fill your clients’ “pre-designed folder” with our content or yours. If you choose the “Maintain Private Template Library” in the Partner Portal, you will be able to manage and curate your own template library. (You can switch it on or off at any time). Learn more here

  • Tips for Success:

Use the Template Library Account for email templates intended for the predesigned folder of your client accounts (replacing BenchmarkONE's default predesigned templates). This is also a great area to develop new content to push to existing accounts through our Database Duplication feature.

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