Enable the Procore Integration to connect HazardCo to Procore.

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This article shows you how to:

Step 1: Enable Integration

Connecting Procore and HazardCo together is easy.

Log in to the HazardCo Hub and navigate to the Integrations Tab. Toggle on the Procore Integration.

Enable the Integration

You will automatically be sent to the Procore log in screen.

Log into Procore using your Procore Log in credentials.

Step 2: Link Projects

In the HazardCo Hub match your HazardCo Projects to the Project in Procore.
โ€‹ (This will be the project in Procore where your H&S docs get stored and where your scan data will show in the visitor register).

Note: Your company will be set as the default for you. If you have multiple companies to choose from, you can select which one you'd prefer to use.

Select Save.

View HazardCo data in Procore

View site inductions and SWMS Documents

In Procore, navigate to Documents to see your HazardCo Site Inductions and SWMS.

View scan data

In Procore, navigate to the Visitor Register in the Site Diary to see your HazardCo scan data.

Site Diary

Visitor Register

Link or unlink singular projects

You can link a single project in HazardCo to Procore.

In the HazardCo Hub, navigate to My Projects and select the specific project.

From the Project Overview screen, select Project Options and Link Procore Project.

When you unlink Procore Project, data will no longer be shared from HazardCo to Procore.

Disable the Integration:

In the HazardCo Hub, navigate to the Integration Tab. Switch the Procore toggle off. Data will no longer be shared from HazardCo to Procore. This can be re enabled at any time.

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