Buildxact integration
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This article shows you how to:

  • Enable the Buildxact integration to connect HazardCo to Buildxact

  • Link or unlink a project

  • Disable the integration

Step 1: Enable Integration

Connecting Buildxact and HazardCo together is easy.

To connect the accounts, you must;

  • Be on a complete, or premium subscription with HazardCo

  • Have access to job management with Buildxact

    Once connected the following documents to be uploaded to your BuildXact Job

  • Inductions

  • SSSP & QR

  • SWMS (AU only)

  • Task Analyses (NZ only)

  • RAMS (UK only)

Log in to the HazardCo Hub and navigate to the Integrations Tab. Toggle on the Buildxact Integration.

Enable the Integration

You will automatically be sent to the Buildxact log in screen.

Log into Buildxact using your Buildxact Log in credentials - and accept the dialogue

Step 2: Link Projects to Jobs

In the HazardCo Hub match your HazardCo Projects to the Job in BuildXact.
โ€‹ (This will be the job in Buildxact where your H&S docs get stored).

Select Link.

View HazardCo data in Buildxact

View site Documents

In your Buildxact job, navigate to the documents section in a job to see your HazardCo documents that have been added.

Link or unlink a projects

When setting up a new project You can link it to your existing Buildxact job.

In the HazardCo Hub, navigate to My Projects and select the specific project.

From the Project Overview screen, select Project Options and Link Buildxact Job.

When you unlink a Project, data will no longer be shared from HazardCo to Buildxact.

  • Click the X next to the job that you want to unlink

  • Then click the blue button.

Disable the Integration:

In the HazardCo Hub, navigate to the Integration Tab. Switch the Buildxact toggle off. Data will no longer be shared from HazardCo to Buildxact. This can be re enabled at any time.
Doing so will not delete any Hazardco documents in Buildxact

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