If you are having difficulty booking a healthcoach face to face consultation for somebody else on your policy, there may be a simple explanation.

If you are the main member and logged into Member Area you will not be able to book a face to face consultation for somebody else on your policy. To secure a booking for someone else on your policy they need to have registered their own Member Area account. If they are not yet registered they can easily do so online at https://www.layahealthcare.ie/memberlogin/#/register. To register a dependant on Member Area the main member can simply add the dependant. The dependant can then update their email address, date of birth, membership number and create a password. That member will then be able to avail of their healthcoach benefit and book a face to face consultation.

If you are having any difficulty registering a dependant for Member Area, you can call our dedicated customer care team on 021 2022000.

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