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How Do I Place My Order As An Auto-Delivery?
How Do I Place My Order As An Auto-Delivery?
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To create an Auto-Delivery order, log in to your Back Office and select "Order Information" and then "Manage Autoship". Indicate a quantity in the appropriate box next to each product you want on your Auto-Delivery order. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and use the drop-down boxes to select the date on which you want the Auto-Delivery order to process.

The date you select is the date on which the Auto-Delivery order will be charged to you. Click "Continue" and proceed to the order summary page. Double-check that your order has the items and quantities you want. If so, click "Continue" to lock-in your order.

On the date you've selected, your Auto-Delivery order will be processed and charged to either your commission balance or the credit card associated with your account.

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