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Your Replicated Marketing Websites
Your Replicated Marketing Websites
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As a Heart & Body Naturals member you have several free marketing websites available to you.

There are several niche marketing websites that focus on specific parts of our product line as well as "lead capture" pages to help you gain new free members you can follow up with and help to get started.

When you sign up with Heart & Body Naturals you will receive a “Welcome Email” at the email address you provided that will contain your login information and your replicated websites. You can also find this information in your Back Office on the “Dashboard” screen.

When you sign up your replicated website will be:

You can change your replicated website name through your Back Office under the "Business" tab. Select "Marketing Tools" and then "Change Site Name".

You can enter whatever you want your new website address to be such as your name, nickname, or a business name. For example, if you were to use “TrainingExample” as your new site name, your website that you could share with others would be

Note: There can be no spaces between words or special characters like dashes, commas, asterisks, or hashtags in your site name.

When sharing your replicated website always share SITENAME/YOURUSERID (if you have changed your replicated site name to something other than your ID number, share that name).

DO NOT go to your website and copy & paste a web address like this:

This will give an error message to new members trying to enroll or purchase through your website.

ALWAYS share like this:

Our websites are great for marketing specific areas of our product line or the opportunity. Knowing what information the person you’re talking to is looking for can help you decide which replicated website address to send to them to.

Are you talking to someone who wants to lose weight? Are they interested in Hemp Herbals? Or are they looking for information on the income opportunity? Once you know what questions they are looking to get answered you can send them to the place that fits their needs.

These websites can be used by any of our members for marketing and sharing the Heart & Body Naturals products and income opportunity!

NOTE: The links listed here say /youruserid; to use these links make sure you change youruserid to your replicated website ID# (or Username if you have changed it in your back office) before sharing with others! This list has all the websites available for your use and each site’s focus:

Corporate Heart & Body Naturals Website:

Hemp Focused Website:

Detox Focused Website:

Retail Only Shopping:

Lead Capture Websites:

These websites have spaces for name, email address, and phone number. They offer a tour of our compensation plan to everyone who fills in the information. This also creates a free wholesale member account for them. Once they have signed up through a lead capture page, you can send them an email inviting them to join the Facebook group and the link to our training page as well as your contact information!

All These Websites Are Available To Our Members. We Never Charge Any Website Fees Or Annual Fees In Order For You To Use These Websites.

You can use any of these websites at any time for your marketing needs!

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